Do you know how much food you throw away each week?

About 50% of the average household rubbish bin is food waste. In Victoria, this is like throwing over $2,000 a year in the bin!  Or tossing away one in every five bags of shopping that you buy.

LESS wasted food IS MORE money in your pockets. Join the Food Know How Program to learn how to:

  • reduce food waste
  • save more money
  • save resources and energy
  • positively impact the environment and your local community

Food Know How Program members have access to:

  • Priority VIP access to Food Know How workshops and movie screenings
  • Free Food Know How kitchen caddy and other great tools to help you reduce food waste, save money and time
  • Free online tools, videos and tips to help you out
  • The chance to win great prizes
  • Food saving tips, secrets and ideas of other Food Know How members
  • A Food Know How Household Facilitator who will answer any questions you have about reducing your food waste.

Joining the Food Know How Program is easy and free to residents of the City of  Yarra.