Other Ways to Reduce Your Food Waste

No space for a compost bin or worm farm?

There are heaps of simple changes you can make in your kitchen to reduce your food waste, such as our helpful tools for households.

Depending on your living circumstances, we also suggest:

  • It’s also possible to keep a worm farm on a balcony or in a laundry – it doesn’t take up much space and shouldn’t smell if well-maintained and kept in a cool place.
  • Some people in apartments share a worm farm or compost bin with their neighbours in a common garden area.
  • A bench-top bucket system called ‘Bokashi’  can be used to keep your food scraps from smelling until you collect a full bucket which you can then bury in a common garden or give to a friend with a compost bin.


Chickens are another great way to recycle your food waste into a rich fertiliser and fresh eggs.

For more information about keeping chickens, check out Living Greener

Please check with your local Council for any regulations on keeping chooks in your yard.