Smart Composting

Composting your unavoidable food waste doesn’t have to be smelly, dirty or attract unwanted critters. If properly managed, a compost pile or worm farm can become a valuable source of plant food for your garden and a great way to save money.

With the help of our team you’ll soon learn that composting can be fun and easy to fit into your day-to-day routine. It can also be incredibly rewarding to work with nature to produce the “black gold” that all gardeners love so much! Increase your Waste Know How by digging deeper into our links and resources.

Which food waste recycling system suits you?

Composting? Worm Farming? Chickens? It is important to consider a number of factors before you decide which food waste system is right for your household.

We’re here to provide you with help and assistance so feel free to contact us or come along to one of our free workshops.



Watch our series of short videos (approximately 2 mins each) on the secrets of turning your unavoidable food waste into food for the garden. Our videos are designed to help you understand the benefits of composting and the simple steps involved in starting and maintaining a compost bin or worm farm.


Why Compost?

The First Steps to Composting?

Maintaining a Compost

An introduction to Worm Farming