Smart cooking


The recipe database works with what you already have in the house to make quick and delicious meals. By entering in key ingredients that are in your fridge or pantry, the database recommends new meals and also suggests options for transforming your leftovers into a scrumptious second meal.

The database also offers tips and tricks on how to prepare, cook, and store the top 25 most wasted ingredients.

The seasonal recipe guide is updated monthly and highlights the pick of the produce for each season with a selection of recipes and tips.

Vegan and Gluten Free Recipes are tagged so that users are able to select these when they search the recipe finder.

Use Leftovers!

Instead of scraping leftovers into the bin, why not use them for tomorrow’s ingredients? A bit of tuna could be added to pasta and made into a pasta bake.  Vegetables that are starting to wilt can be made into soup. Fruit that is just going soft can be made into smoothies or fruit pies. Get some more smart ideas on making the most of your leftovers..

Also, check out our guide to commonly wasted foods and learn about how you can get more from the things we waste the most!