Fact Sheets & Videos

Fact Sheets & Videos

Need a few hints on how to compost or worm farm? Below are our fact sheets and videos to help you improve your Waste Know How.

Fact Sheets

For most modern devices, clicking on the links should open the fact sheet within your internet browser. Alternatively, you can right-click and save to download them.

Composting – A handy beginners compost guide.

Worm Farming – A beginners guide to keeping a worm farm.

Which food waste recycling system is right for you – To help you decide which system suits your household best.


Watch our series of short videos (approx 2 mins each) on the secrets of a thrifty and low-waste kitchen. Our videos are designed to help you best understand the simple steps needed purchase, store, cook, and preserve your ingredients.

Why Compost?

The First Steps to Composting?

Maintaining a Compost

An introduction to Worm Farming